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The John Harland Company

The Project Challenge
The President of Print Products set the goal of significantly improving the success of projects within Print Products. As part of that initiative, he established an objective of having 100 project managers increase their project management capabilities, both individually and as an organization. A project management maturity assessment helped determine the existing capabilities for these individuals. Harland also wanted to know the process abilities of the organization. A maturity assessment of organizational processes and cultural environment helped determine the support structure for projects.

Jan Dillard served as the primary assessor for both the individual and organizational assessments. The maturity assessments were then used to prepare professional development plans for individual project managers. She also helped develop a roadmap for increasing the performance of the organization in their projects.

The Success
“Jan was extremely insightful in helping Harland determine where we should concentrate our efforts for improving project performance. She was keenly aware of the culture and organizational environment. That insight helped determine appropriate strategies for developing project managers individually and for mapping the areas where Harland would realize the greatest results.”

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